User Preferences not transferred

After getting 11 up and running I have found that there are a number of user preferences\setting that have not been transferred to the new version some setting were but the majority were missing, i have had to export profile from 10 and import to 11, manually copy project templates to 11, reset up all my audio connections, control room, and external Mackie devices. Now i just found out that the zoom level i had set as default in 10 has not been transferred either.

There should either be a utility or option whilst installing 11 that asks if you want to export\import all of your personal preferences\settings\changes to the new version rather than spending the next few wondering why certain things aren’t working the same as before.

This happens to me every time, its totally unacceptable.

I end up with a blank cubase install every single time.
No one has time for this rubbish, it needs to be sorted out.
Also the fact that we have to go and grab a whole bunch of random xml files from here there and everywhere + database files to try and fix the problem is a nightmare…

Version 10.5 is the first time I have made significant adjustments to the way I work so I wasn’t sure which settings transfer automatically in Cubase. BUT…having used a variety of applications in other areas it has been my experience that user settings have either automatically transferred across or at least used a dialog to confirm this process during install.

They never transfer them. Probably because some settings can conflict. Just open a browser and go to %appdata%\Roaming\Steinberg. Here you will find a folder named Cubase 11_64. This is the folder with all the default preferences. Rename it to Cubase 10_64_old. Create a new folder Cubase 10_64 en copy the contend of Cubase 10.5_64 into that folder. Now you end up with the settings of 10.5 into your new install. In case there’s a conflicting setting you can go back to your default settings.

SInce C8 I always had all my preferences transferred automaticly with every update, so it seems possible :smiley: Never had to do anything manually.

What drives me nuts is that it NEVER works for me. But after every update, you’ll also hear from 50 people that it -did- work fine for… Windows and Mac.

The idea that such a basic thing isn’t 100% for -everyone- for so many years? Terrible optics.

I installed C11 today and all user preferences were copied automatically. This was the first time for me that it was transferred automatically.