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Hello all,

First of all, I’d like to give a big shout out to the team, the update released today is amazing and exciting. I have already gone back and edited some pieces with lines that I had to Jerry rig a earlier this year. Super clean for future projects as well!

My main question today is:

I have just acquired a second computer that I’ll be using for my at home work while I use my old 2012 Macbook Pro for on the road writing. I understand that at the moment the only way to use Dorico on two or more computers is by transfering the soft eLicense to a usb eLicense. I am definitely ok with that if that is the only option. I did want to know if there was some efficient way to sync, transfer, copy some of my personal settings onto both computers. I’ve done a bit of editing preferences on engrave mode, key commands and custom playing techniques as well and it would be awesome if I could have the same settings going on both of my machines!


Christian Cruz

Try this: from Finder go to ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg and copy the entire Dorico 3 folder (or whichever version you are using) to the same location on your second machine. I think this is the folder which has all of your shortcuts and other options. Make sure you go to the tilde (~)/Library, which is hidden by default, not the visible Library.

Please see this:

Great, I see the files! I’ll see how well my system works in the next few weeks.