User Preset folder view?

I just created some used track presets , and a folder called External Synths , but when I try to load a preset I can find the folder anywhere ? is there anywhere to show the folder without having to drill down one folder at a time ?

User Content / Track Preset / Instruments / External Synths … takes for ever

also couldn’t work out how to give me presets a sub category ?

Where are you loading it from? In the Media Bay / Rack you can right click the folder and Add to Favourites. That will allow you to access it with with one click in future.

Have you tried the option to show all subfolders?

Everything will display and you can break it down by instrument/sub cat etc.

Display the attributes inspector when opting to save the preset:

And fill in what you require at the bottom before saving:

Was loading from main edit window , on the left inspector

OK thanks , So I was using the track location tree , I now see you can use the Media Bay , there is also Sound Browser Wow lost of options .

I have create a Folder “kontakt” inside that I would like to create Sub Folders " Perc" “Strings” and so on so I can browse them without searching , I can can add this to my favourites , but I can’t find a way browser it . is this possible ?

Started doing some testing , I made some sub folders and saved a couple of track presets , but when I select the sub folder in Cubase they seem empty ?

OK this could be because I drag a file in the finder , I am now looking for a rescan function!

OK right click on the folder to rescan …great

Now I a wondering if there’s a way to bulk add categories /styles etc ??

Try not to use slashes in folder names (Mov/Prc) - I don’t think it’ll cause problems as, but there’s an alarm bell ringing in my head when I saw it! :slight_smile:

I’ve never really messed around with categories and styles, sorry. I tend to stick to quite generic terms.

What would be nice is if there was a set of third party VST factory presets that you can load into the media bay though, so it loads the plugin and the preset you’ve selected.

Back when I used Logic, users would created such libraries and share them. This would work very well in Cubase too, as you can use the standard preset navigation controls to scroll through presets.

I may try scripting some and get the ball rolling! :slight_smile:

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I am just making the switch from Logic to Cubase , and working out how I am going to work and my flow … I can see that Cubase is a kind of open system , giving people so may options you can work how you like (in a way) …

So in Logic I used the presets to separate , Strings , Perc , Brass…

In Cubase I find Track Presets I find I can find the Kontakt folder and show that way but its slow getting to the folder …

now thinking if I can make some custom categories I could easy find sets of Strings, Brass etc…

SO I just found I can search buy plugin name ! which could be the answer , give this some thought before I start creating a new library in Cubase

Wow, you truly are the preset lord! :slight_smile:

And yes, you can change the columns in the media views, I prefer to filter by instrument too.

You can also use the Media browser on the right zone, which can be more immediate as you can drag presets across to create new tracks, preview sounds or add to existing tracks:

It may be worth learning what preset types exist. As there are track presets, strip presets, fx chain presets etc.:

Track Presets
These can be used to recall single or multi tracks/channels with inserts, strips and instrument for each - If you drag to tracklist it will create.

Strip Presets
Strip presets recall only Cubase inline channel strip elements (EQ, Compressor etc.)

FX Chain Presets
FX Chain recalls the entire insert chain. - will replace chain on existing track.

VST FX Presets
Similar to FX Chain, but only Individual insert presets - i.e. will add to current track if you drag.

VST Instrument Presets
Individual instrument presets

I think i’ve got that right! :slight_smile:

Like most things in Cubase, there’s a wealth of options available, but sometimes that can make the simplest of tasks a little complicated when first learning. You can also add screenshots of the plugins to show in the media bay which is quite nice:

That’s an example of the VST instruments view, you hit the camera at the top of the plugin to save the image you want.

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Amazing , will check this all out later !,

So in logic I worked out I could have much smaller templates , if all my main Instruments were in organised folders , The thing that slows you down is searching in kontakt , but this will be different for me once I get use to cubase , and Cubase doesn’t seem to mind massive sessions with dormant tracks everywhere.