User Template

I can’t work out a decent way to create a user template.
Is it possible to have a template with players/instruments/composer/title/copyright/page layout/writing and engraving options such as staff line thickness etc?
Or does this have to be a file that is ‘saved as’ which seems kludgy?
Ideally it would be good to choose a user template from the hub.
Steve Parker

For the time being you do indeed need to save an existing project and then start from that. You shouldn’t consider this our final proposed solution for satisfying this kind of requirement, but it’s the best available for now.

Cool. Thanks for the quick reply!

I was also wondering about creating my own Template. I see this was answered back in December, so I wonder if anything has changed in this area with the updates? (I am using 1.0.2)

Nothing has yet changed in this area, but it of course remains in our plans.

Okie dokie. Thanks.