UserFriendly Request


You do not seem to want to put any time into learning Dorico. Any full-featured notation software requires a commitment of time from its user. Perhaps you should download Musescore, which is free, and see how far you get with that.

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I really do appreciate the in depth possibilities of Dorico, when in need and when having the time. At such a point, shortcuts are essential.

When on the fly… Icons should provide the simple easiness for why they occupy screen estate.

Thank you for all suggestions! However ”beating around the bush” is not what I am looking for.

It is actually nice to use one’s brain.
That is, why not everybody will agree of making things as easy as possible.
Also, why not challenge oneself a little bit? we humans are made for this - and we also collect joy, when succeeding.
You will notice that for many of the users Dorico is a constant source of joy :slight_smile:

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Hi @CeeDee ,
As may notice the whole discussion, started by you, leads to nowhere…
Bunch of complains, but nothing straight to the point, no any examples…
What, actually, do expect to happen?
In the way you are continuing this topic, I doubt anyone, from the team, will take any actions.
If you would like something fruitful to come up from this discussion, then you need to express yourself in a more appropriate way. :slight_smile:

I have some proposals for you:

  1. Instead of wasting your time complaining here, just sit down and start learning Dorico, as all of us did / doing…

  2. In case of difficulties, or problems, come back here and share the exact difficulties / issues you are experiencing.

  • You should provide a detailed information about the difficulty / issue you are having.
  • Eventual reproduction steps… etc.
  • Some ideas how certain difficulties could be improved (If you find something User Friendly, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same for someone else).

As I already mentioned, Dorico becomes more, and more User Friendly with every update and upgrade, but don’t expect magic. :slight_smile:
Dorico is a new generation software which combines Notation and DAW. It should be well designed from the very beginning, when it’s “younger”, in order to be easily maintained when it gets “mature”. We don’t want Dorico to be like Cubase - hard to be maintained, due to an “ancient” code leftovers.

Best wishes,