User's Manual suggestion - Elements

Under “Marker Types,” there is no mention of exclusion start/end markers. Such a section, once added, would be a great place for a cross-reference to skipping over regions in playback (by using the transport bar buttons).

I’m sure the whole thing is obvious to anyone who’s used the program for a while. As a newcomer, it took some frustration before I figured out how to do it, because having seen there are exclusion markers, I started my search in the manual’s section on markers.

Thanks for considering it.

I don’t get what you mean. Where do you see exclusion markers in WaveLab Elements?

After I set a mark with Ins, I can change the type to exclusion in the markers window. Please don’t tell me this very useful feature isn’t supposed to be there!

I see. Hmm, this is a Pro feature that has leaked into Elements…

Oh, I see I’ve shot myself in the foot, trying to be helpful.

:frowning: :confused: