users to make music

hi all. i was wondering is there any database with users that want to make music or colaborate with other musicians in vst transit besides the user finder inside the program? by the way, the name is bonzo if u want to add me, i play guitar, bass and drums, and record and mix music for about 10 years, play hard rock music and sometimes pop music, like to do music arrengments a lot.

not as far as i know …
i started thread a while back… not much response…
keep trying though maybe one day…
whats the point of adding such a usefull feature with no though on how it works ???

I would happily try to collaborate with an effort like this. I’m a guitar player playing for over 50 years so the issue on my end is relevance. My era was the 1960’s rock and jazz. Time is limited and now we have a grandson so my thoughts of getting other things done is laughable.

Tried to watch the Grammy awards over the last 10 years and bailed out within the first 45 minutes. Although, this year I lasted a bit longer. My Cubase skills still remain amateurish based on what I read here but I can track well and as a player, can perform. If this starts to gain interest, keep me in mind.

Is your transit name bonzo? I could do some random exchanges with you. There might be a week or two between edits so one of your virtues would have to be patience.

Feel like people tried this with VST connect Facebook page with little interaction as well. Count me in the n though!

I am getting what I wanted out of Transit. Currently working with 2 people and both were prearranged. That fills my plate so I am happy. For me, time is the issue in seeking out more. I do have a project that I plan to invite the world to sometime in the next year. We will see how that goes. :wink:

If anyone wants to add me I’m AndyMcProducer on their.
I’m up for some collaborating with others.