Using 1 USB elicenser on PC and Mac

Hi all,

I use Cubase 5 on a PC and I’m about to purchase a Macbook pro.

I’m hoping to install Cubase on the Mac and use it on both machines (at different times) using the same elicenser usb stick.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of switching the usb elicenser between a mac and PC and using it on both machines successfully?

Can inserting the elicenser into the mac for the first time wipe the license and cause issues or will it just read it straight away?


You shouldn’t experience any problems. I used to have my Cubase4 on both my PC and my Mac. Just plugged the dongle into the one I was wroking on.


There is no problem. You can work both on PC and Mac with one USB eLicenser Key. Just, by careful, when you plug it off. Some keys cracks. I solved this by sticky tape, as prevent. And register your key on MySteinberg.


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Nice one - thanks for the response guys!