Using 2 DAW's

I have a 2 input Steinburg UR22 and a 2 input Presonus Audio Box DAW. I want to record 3 inputs at once. Can I do that with what I have?

Maybe. What else do you have? :confused:

As in … operating system, daw software, etc. …

Usually I would interpret “2 DAW’s” to mean either 2 different softwares or 2 different computers, but I guess you are talking about 2 different interfaces feeding one software?

If that is the case, please provide more info (I really shouldn’t have to ask for that, should I?).

I’m going to assume you are running Windows because Mac users usually proudly state that fact (they have overpaid and are entitled to do so). If that is the case, ASIO4ALL is probably your best bet.

an audio interface makes no DAW

I think OP means " Using 2 DACs".

All Subject confusion aside, I think Cubase can use all 4 inputs in a project. Put I have never tried

no info, no answer…
I guess it wasn’t that important