Using 2 eLicensors

I use Cubase Artist 8.5 and Sequel with all licenses managed on an eLicensor usb stick.

I use these applications on a fixed desktop pc and on a laptop/tablet when I am out of my home.

Sometimes when I am out I access my desktop using Windows Remote Desktop and at those times, mostly the eLicensor is not in the desktop usb port so I cannot load the software.

If I were to buy a second eLicensor can I also have my licence loaded on it so that I effectively travel with one usb stick and leave the other in the desktop computer?

Many thanks


You can buy another elicenser and move licenses as you wish, but remember: You will not be able to have a specific license in more than one elicenser at the same time

Ok, thanks Makumbaria. That’s what I suspected, I wouldn’t be able to have the same licence on 2 elicensor.

Thanks for the speedy reply