Using 2 ipads at same time

Is it possible to use two ipads at the same time? I’ve not been able to get this to work and it seems this functionality would be basic in a studio environment where two or more musicians are recording at the same time and would like to control the cue mix.

Does anyone have Cubase ic Pro working with two or more ipads at the same time?


i don’t, but in the demo video for Cubase IC, it sure does imply that you can have more than one connected and each controling a ‘cue’ mix.

Hi Rich,

Cubase iC Pro officially supports up to 4 different devices at a time.
You can therefore use it with 2 iPads.


Armand, ha, that was misleading what you wrote. You should have said ’ you can therefore use it with FOUR iPads if you desire’. :slight_smile: