Using 2 iPads with Cubase


Just got Cubasis today and so far I’m very impressed. Probably too much so and am expecting a bit too much from it, but wondering if this would work? Or is it just so obvious that nobody else has had to ask.

I have managed to use the Wi-Fi server to connect to my PC and get audio files from Cubase 7 fine. My guitarist doesn’t have Cubase but has an iPad & iRig adapter. If he was to get Cubasis could his iPad connect to my Cubase remotely to access audio files? (obviously he’d have to tell me his IP address). Just think it’d be a lot easier than using iTunes or Dropbox. And can Wi-Fi server be used to send Cubasis projects from one iPad to another? If it can it’d make me very happy.

Thanks for any help.


hey T00thfa1ry,

your guitarist or any other toothfairy can of course remotely access your Cubase AudioFiles.

The IPad to IPad communication isnt fully supported yet. You can simply type the WiFi Server IP into the 2nd Pad’s Safari Browser though to access the FileSystem of Cubasis and listen to AudioTracks. Unfortunately its not possible to import projects with the entire content.

We are working on that and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

kind regards

Suddenly very tempting to mess with proxies and webserver script engines