Using 2 monitors

Cannot find how to get this working in Cubase 6.5/7?
I use a midi program what acts as a master for Rewire Transport sync and Rewire tempo --> it sycnhronizes the tempo of the master program with Cubase acts a slave.
The synchronizatuin works, but the screen in Cubase need first focus ( i must click on the screen to get transport working)

When i start the midi program (master) …Cubase must also start on the same measure for playing a audio file
So this setup of two screens must synchronize midi with a audio file in Cubase.

Cubase is not undependend of the Midi master anymore now ( i must work in the midi master and Cubase must follow with his transport(= measures) …( no clicking for getting focus on the transport in the Cubase screen on monitor 2…when i must click in Cubase to activate the synchronization than it is not synchroon anymore with my Midi master program ) screen.
How to correct this ?

I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do and what the problem is, but for syncing, Cubase always has to be master, it can’t slave to other hardware/software.

Explain it again:
The midi composer starts wit a midi track and at the same time is Cubase running with a audio track
The miditrack is in sync with the audiotrack

The midicomposer is the master and Cubase a slave
You are sure that Cubase cannot acts as a slave ?

To set Cubase so that it acts as a Slave device, listening and responding to synchronisation data sent from another device, you need to change the Timecode Source setting in the top-left group of the Synchronisation Setup window. By default, Timecode Source is set to None, meaning that Cubase uses its internal clock as the timecode source. However, you can set Cubase to receive timecode via MIDI, ASIO Positioning Protocol, or VST System Link.

Guess I might be wrong :wink:
Sorry, I don’t know then, never tried anything like it.

Cubase can sync to other devices but when using Rewire Cubase must be the Master.

^^ Sounds like that’s the answer ^^
ftr, I sync Cubase to my outboard gear and occasionally reason… It’s ALWAYS the Master… although, I did have my aw4416 once running the start stop…but it’s been a while since I’ve tried that. :nerd:

Rewire is for audio streaming between two audio programs, but the midi composer has no audio
I use a Midi composer what uses a audio track in Cubase for composing.
The midi composer must be master because i start there the transportcontrols and the audiotrack must follow (a slave )

The midi composer uses a rewire protocol for transport ?
The idea is to place audio under the midi tracks , but not in Cubase alone, but divided about two programs
Both programs are open and when i start the midi composer …I MUST CLICK ON THE SECOND SCREEN to see the locator running in Cubase
I like to see both programs open without clicking the cubase screen and only controlling the transport in the MIdi composer alone as a master