Using 2 or more Agents at the same time in GA4?

How do you use more than one agent at a time? Every time I select a new agent a warning sign pops up and tells me that it will reset the other one. I think it has to do with the pattern pads. Does this mean that I have to finish one sequence and drag it to cubase before I can use another agent? Even if I select MIDI port B it always wants to use pad banks 2 and 3 so it overwrites the previous pattern pads. Can more than one agent be used inside GA4? If so, can someone tell me how? The manual is useless and most tutorial videos are also useless.


This how I do it:

  1. Load a kit with or with out patterns-you can load individual patterns from the pattern library if you want.

  2. I load Acoustic Agent/Vintage, saved as a multi program with my previously chosen patterns, then I load the
    Percussion Agent kit only-no patterns.

  3. I select a paterrn that goes with my vintage kit-say a basic rock pattern ("Alternative/Southern Rock from
    the pattern library).

  4. With that pad/pattern still selected, I click on the Percussion Agent logo and load a pattern from the pattern
    library-such as “Basics/Pop 1”.

  5. Now the two agents play together on the same pad, each with its own mixer and the ability to freely auditon
    different styles until I find something I like.

  6. I rename the pad ROCK w/PERC give a red color-go to another pad and repeat.

  7. Save the whole bunch as a multi.

Haven’t tried layering 4 agents on one pad, but it is probably doable.

I hope to post about how I’m using GA4 Standalone on my live gigs with a trio of guitar/flute/keyboards.

Maybe somebody else has found another more refined way to do it!

Well, it’s a bit complicated but thank you very much for that tip. All I really wanted to do was use one midi track for each agent as if it were 4 different machines including the patterns but I think I get the gist of it