Using 2 platforms

I write on a notebook and do final production on a desktop with better voices.
I have identical orchestras defined on both, Artist 12 on notebook and Pro 12 on desktop.
I need to copy the MIDI and also the automation at the same time in one copy process from the Artist 12 project into the otherwise empty Pro 12 project.

It seems that opening the Pro 12 project with no MIDI data on the desktop and the Artist 12 project with all of my work, as not active on the desktop and copying all tracks from the Artist 12 project with a global copy for all tracks at once might get the MIDI data, with altered durations, placements and volumes along with the automation in one copy operation. Then I can paste the identical instrument set in to the empty Pro 12 tracks with other instruments used for most of them that the desktop computer has…

Is this the best way to do it???

The manual is no help at all. Worse than IBM manuals.

What say ye experts?

What is the reason you can’t simply open the project file from your Artist 12 laptop on your Pro 12 desktop and work with it directly? I don’t understand the need to copy from one project to another empty one.

I found it tedious to reassign every instrument. I just want the track info and automation to be voiced in the big, expensive voices on the desktop (6 core, 12 way processor and 128 Gig of main memory, 5 T of disk).

Perhaps Import > Tracks from Project and select Existing Track as destination is an easier way?

I thought of that. Once imported, the tracks still have to be copied into the superior instrument definition tracks, so back to the same problem. Copy can be done from a second project opened anyway, so no benefit to import. A copy is still necessary. But will Global Copy get automation and all MIDI while not copying the instrument assignment? The manual has nothing on that.

Back up project to desktop computer then open in Pro , if you have all the same software and hardware installed the project should be as it was in Artist

Curiously that failed. No tracks produced sound. But that is a separate issue.

The problem is that the instrument assignments must change in the Pro version.

that said, mlindeb mentioned importing to EXISTING TRACK and that looks like something to try. It sounds faster than other methods, IF it gets the automation and I think that is an option on the command if I remember the video correctly.

The essential question is about using different instrument libraries when you move from the laptop to the desktop.

Artist vs Pro is irrelevant, – it’s a red herring that gums up the works. (sorry for the mixed metaphor).

Possibly, you should create a project file on the desktop with all your tracks in the same exact order as the laptop project, but with the better instruments, and route everything so it’s ready to receive. If you’re using midi tracks (as opposed to Instrument tracks) you can paste the midi parts to the proper tracks.

If you’re using Instrument tracks and Project automation, simple pasting of the parts won’t be an option. So Import Tracks from Project, as the others have suggested is necessary.

Did you check your routing to make sure they were going out the correct busses after reopening ?