Using 3 monitors not allowed?

I just upgraded my desktop to handle 3 monitors and when I tried to launch Cubase it came up the E License error that said 'no valid license available" . So I did try to do an update and it still would not launch but when I disconnected the 3rd monitor are rebooted my machine Cubase launched like normal. So what gives? Is there a reason why Cubase 9.5 Elements will not work on a desktop using 3 monitors? Or is it the E License thing that will not allow it?

Thanks, Dominick


It is allowed to use 3 screens.

To me it sounds like some driver issue. I expect you are on Windows…

I would try to reinstall eLCC from scratch. Make sure, you install it as administrator, please.

Hi Martin,
Yes, I am using Windows.

I will try reloading eLCC again after I get the monitors in place and see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestion.