Using 32 Bit plugins options..again please..

Hi , is it possible to load cubase 8.5 which i had , later upgraded to cubase 9.5 pro… so Use 32 Bit plugins in Cubase 8.5 , save in 8.5 n then open it in Cubase pro 9.5 , will there be any conflict or issues?? as of now i still have an unsolved issue, doing this , with Absolute 3 , timing out , after a few minutes of use. ??? any one doing this thanks any one doing so , n whether it will work , if i reinstall ?? advice appreciated… thanks ws.


Yes, you can use Cubase 8.5 projects later on used in Cubase 9.5 back in Cubase 8.5 again.

These are two independent applications, the is no conflict.


Maybe I’m wrong, this thread says something else.

well , i was like thinking like , convert the 32 bit plug in in 8.5 to . wav … then import it to C 9.5 , on the same OS , same PC … but thanks ws

Hi , after reading the above link… !!! sent By Martin Jirsak… every thing is frightening , says , do at your own risk ??? even better , please some one tell me that , 32 bit plug in , even though i will not use them in C 9.5 , will use only in C 8.5 , will not live in harmony on the same PC n will conflict with C 9.5 ?? andf create problems again ?? thanks in advance , reviews and experiences, appreciated… thankx …w s


No, if you will not use them in Cubase 9.5 (what you cannot, the plug-ins will be black-listed or completely ignored), then there will be no conflict and you can use them in Cubase 8.5.

I was thinking you want to open already existing projects (with 32-bit plug-ins) in Cubase 9.5, save the project in Cubase 9.5, and then open the project back in Cubase 8.5. This might be risky.

If you want to use (only, exclusively) Cubase 8.5 for projects with 32-bit plug-ins, and Cubase 9.5 for other projects, then this is not a problem at all.

Yes, this is a great approach & should work fine.

Jbridger. I use it with ancient VSTi’s and FX and they never cause issues in 9.5. I’m still running Groove Agent 3 with it.

The advantage of rendering to audio vs. bridging - as technologies ‘evolve’ odds are better that audio files will still be supported even after bridge-based solutions no longer exist.

thankx all , yes , i have purchased Jbridge , n will use it … n do all the above thanks all for all the insights…