using 32 bit wav files in cubase 6 64 bit

so if i record wav files using cubase 4 on win xp 32 bit
should i be able to then import those files into a cubase 6 64 bit project in Win 7 64 bit ??



The bit resolution of your audio files has nothing to do with which version of Cubase you are running (32 or 64 bit.)
It’s easy to get confused, but they’re totally different concepts.

Additionally, any version of Cubase can play 16-32 bit files because Cubase boasts a 32 bit floating point audio engine.

ok thanks
and what are the wav64 files i can save in cubase 4 32 bit ???
bearing in mind that i will be recording the files into cubase 4 32 bit
then importing them into cubase 6 64 bit
should i save the wav files as wav 64 in cubase 4 ??


I think wav64 is a different format than Microsoft’s WAV format. Since it’s totally different, don’t touch this format for these audio files.

I would just export them as WAV files with the same bit depth and sample rate you recorded them at, and then once you bring them into C6, dither and all that. There’s no point in saving the files at higher bit resolutions than they were recorded at.


i was not even going to export them i was just going to pick them up from the audio folder

will that work ?

Yes, that will work. Wave64 allows very long file length. Basically normal .wav files are restricted to 2GB in total. Wave64 gets round this. Although if using FAT32 the limit will be will be 4GB.

On a sidenote: recording in 32-bit is not necessary, there is no audio-interface (or analog signal) that can ever deliver that kind of resolution. 24-bit is more than enough, assuming we’re talking raw recorded audio without processing inside your Cubase 4 installation.

I totally agree; 24 bit is plenty of dynamic range. It’s already more than the dynamic range of human ears, so why go to 32 bit? I know why, but it seems unnecessary considering the extra HD space you have to use.