Using 3D Peerspective


I’m new to spectral editing and was wondering how people take advantage of the 3D perspective that Spectralayers provides? How do you use it in your editing?



I think 3D lets you understand the frequency distribution much better and allows you to focus on flaws within the spectrum. (e.g. mouthclicks/sibilants in a vocal-track).

And in general it’s just more fun! :slight_smile:

But what makes it a little complicated to use it, that the brush tools have an offset when switching to 3D, which can not be modified.

It would be awesome to set this brush offset manually in relation to the 3D offset one has chosen or have a “compensate for 3D offset” brush option or at least have a “red border” (indicator with falloffs) around the area being affected.

I agree some 3d rendering for the tool would help. Some tests were made, but not fully convincing yet. It will come at some point.