Using 3rd party plug-in to dither OR post fader dither?

According to WLE’s manual, dither only happens post master level meter. Is this correct?

If I wanted to use Waves L2 Ultramaximizer’s dithering capabilities how would I do that? Would I have to bypass it’s dithering pre master levels and then insert the plug-in post master levels, bypass the limiter, and then dither?

Doesn’t Waves have the separate IDR plugin for dither only? Also I thought you couldn’t turn off the 24 bit output on most of the Waves compressors. I guess leave the L2 at 24 bit (or 32f if available), turn off whatever dither and noise shaping you can, and dither to 16 (or 24 if you dither to 24 for 24 bit files, some people don’t) with the IDR plugin in the dithering slot?

I don’t know WLE but, in WL8, a combined limiter/dither plug-in can be put in the dithering slot, bearing in mind that the final level is now controlled via the limiter/dither plug-in’s level controls and not the Master Section faders.

Have I been dithering incorrectly in Wavelab all these years by not using the dedicated dither plugin slot?

Typically, when dithering is needed I use the dither built into digital limiters such as Ozone, Elephant, and FabFilter Pro-L, as they the last plugin in the chain.

The bit meters always read 16-bit when I do this so I assumed it was an ok method of dithering.

Don’t think so. As long as you are not changing the level of the master faders after the dithering it’s OK.

I didn’t try this. I’ll try it tonight.

Probably not. I used Wavelab 4 for many years before building a new machine and moving to Windows 7, which forced me to move to a new supported WL product. I always dithered pre fader in WL4, then when setting up the rendering dialog there was a 16bit setting. It always dithered to 16bit without a hitch. At least I think it did. WL Elements’ master section is different from WL 4, which is kind of what prompted my question.

I wouldn’t call it separate in the L2 Ultramaximizer. The demo I was using combined the limiter and IDR into a single plugin. Though IDR can be turned on and off.

Sorry, I meant the separate Waves dither plugin that’s called simply “IDR”. It’s a whole different plugin, a standalone dither plugin, in the Waves folder. It used to come free in all Waves installs. Is it not in your Waves pulldowns? I was just suggesting using that rather than the whole L2 in the dither slot, but if the L2 is your last plugin, might as well use it in the dither slot and dither with the built in L2 IDR, or the before and after you originally suggested (the first, dither bypassed and the second, limiter bypassed).

If the L2 was not the last plugin in the chain, and I wanted to turn off the included IDR, I was never sure if the IDR in the L2 was ever completely turned off. In Waves v7 it always indicated 24 bit output, so was not sure it was not dithering to 24. Maybe it can be completely turned off in v9.

After re-reading this, I ‘think’ it means that the tiny dither level generated by a dither plugin in the dither slot is only added to metering in the standard level meter. That the dither level is not added to the level of the main Master Section meters. (That it’s only a metering difference). Not whether dither can ONLY be inserted in the dither slot. Could be wrong, but that’s how I’m reading it now.