Using 8.5 license with Cubase SL 3.1

Hi all,
I reached out to Steinberg support to inquire about how I might import some Cubase projects in .ALL format. They advised me that if I buy a Cubase Pro 8.5 license and eLicenser key, I can use the 8.5 license and eLicenser key with the install package I have for SL 3.1.

My plan is to load the .ALL project in and convert them to the newer format.

Has anybody tried this? Before I drop serious $$$$ to buy 8.5 (I currently use Pro Tools and Logic so I really don’t need another DAW but I’m willing to spend the money if it lets me get into these couple dozen .ALL projects), I’d love to hear from anybody that has used a current license on an older version of the product.


Sometimes conversion works well, sometimes not so well. but in general you can open the *.all projects in V 3 and save them as *.cpr.
you could try with using the demo version of 8.5, costs you only the price of the dongle, and maybe you can run SL 3 / SX 3 with that license BUT: I don´t know if it works, just a thought.
And of course you should run an OS that is supported by V3.