Using a browser and Cubass at the same time


I have sheet music on file on my computer, normally accessible by Windows Explorer as a viewer.

When I am running Cubase and want to record something, as soon as I hit record and then call up the sheet music in an explorer window Cubase stops recording. I can’t have the music up on my screen and must either look helplessly as the recording process continues, or look at the sheet music while the recording stops.

I don’t want to have to memorize an entire score note for note just so I can record on cubass. Any suggestions? I have never had this problem before with any other DAW.

Try going to Studio, Studio Setup and where it says “release audio driver when in background” (or whatever that is) uncheck it. I’m not sure if this will work or not, but if I’ve not tried that, see if it works.

Otherwise it could potentially be your audio interface. What sort of audio interface are you using and what OS?

On Windows, most allow you to run their ASIO driver along with Windows audio playing back. But there are ways around it if yours doesn’t. My (very) old Echo Layla3G didn’t do multi-client at all IIRC. Focusrite does ASIO + Windows audio but not ASIO + ASIO. RME does everything … because it’s RME :slight_smile: