using a digital mixer to record into cubase


I would like to do a live multitrack band recording directly into cubase 6. I am using a digital Allan & Heath 20 channel CP20 powered mixer, and running Cubase 6 on a Windows music PC.

I think I will need some kind of interface to do this, and would appreciate knowing a bit about the options. I don’t have a lot of dosh, but having spent quite a bit on getting a very good quality mixer, and setting up a quite powerful Windows music PC I would like to make sure sound quality is maintained, and full control of the recording process.

Any advice/



Aloha B,

Seems the A&H CP20 has a spdif digital out only.

AFAIK you can only get a stereo digital signal out
of that board and into your 'puter.

I don’t think you can do a live ‘multitrack’ recording with that set-up.
You can do a killer stereo recording tho’.
(I have loved A&H stuff for many years)

If it is just one live recording, think about renting a digital mixer
with a FireWire or USB output just for the session.

If you want to stick with the A&H, consider getting an audio interface
that can handle all 16 tracks from your board to the 'puter.

I would look at some Focusrite or RME stuff or on the cheaper side some
Motu or M-Audio stuff. (and there are many other choices).
However if $$ is an issue, with 16 inputs, things can get kinda pricey.

For this reason I opted for a Yamaha n12 Mixer/interface (FW 400 connection)
and my buddy also has one so when needed two n12s can be chained together.



you could use a plitter to split the signal, or these for example (used them in the past allot)