Using a Dynamic and Condenser Microphone with the URM28

I have a UR28M. I want to use two microphones simultaneously -one that needs phantom power and one that does not. Does providing phantom power potentially damage anything given that one of the microphones does not need it (SM57)?



Aloha r.
Technically you are not supposed to provide phantom power to a dynamic mic (57/58 etc).
But in the real world I do it all the time (in a live setting with my 58) and have done for years.

My advice: When in doubt, don’t.


Hi There

Never had any problems in studio or live situations, most live desk supply phantom power to all inputs, either on or off, some dynamic mics (EV in particular) require phantom but and most don’t so I have often had both types at the same time and have never had a problem, so the answer to your question is, it is no probem.

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Ok I just wanted to make sure I was not going to damage the UR28M. The manual states that you should not have phantom power on if you don’t need it. I want to use a two mic set-up (SM 57 and Neumann TLM 103) on my MESA cabinet. The TLM 103 will need it. I don’t want my UR28M to get damaged.