using a hadrware jog wheel with cubase 9.0

In my studio i have a projectmix control desk that has a jog wheel and it works superbly, because I prefer editing in my living room I decided to buy a jogwheel for my laptop. I have set up the generic editor ticked the learn button and the control number and midi channel etc all came up, the problem that I am having is how do I route it to the jogwheel. All I can see in the destination window is the vst instruments between midi channel 1 and 16. can someone point me in the right direction please.
thanks in advance ( I hope).

Maybe we (or at least, “I” :wink: ) need a bit more info :wink:
The jogwheel that you bought, is it a USB device? Can you see it as one of the available MIDI sources (either in the Generic Remote, or indeed as an input to MIDI tracks in the Project window)?
So long as you can set a Generic remote (you can set up several of them, independently) with the Jogwheel as its input, then (did I read correctly that you have already succeeded this next bit?)… get the upper section to show the channel number and CC# number (with max value @ 127), then set up the lower section as follows…

Control name [the name you gave it in the upper section]
Device = “Transport”
Channel/Category = “Device”
Value/Action = [from the pop-up list] either “Jog” or “Shuttle Speed” (whichever gives you the intended result for your case)
Flags = either “Blank” or maybe “Not Automated”

Let us know just how wrong I got that! :smiley:

Ok, Thanks for the swift reply,
yes it’s a usb jogwheel, I can see the controller in the generic remote and I can get the jog wheel to either move forward or backward but not both, if I set it to jog then nothing happens at all. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, as I’ve tried almost every setting under the transport section.

I don’t understand what you mean by “I can get the jog wheel to either move forward or backward but not both”.
Anyways, not certain about this, but try a little experiment…
Temporarily, switch the Input of the Generic remote to “Not Connected” (so that the jogwheel doesn’t get “swallowed up”, and can then be active in the project window)
In the project window, create a MIDI track, with the Jogwheel as its input
Moving the jogwheel (slowly) from min to max, either record this movement (then look at the results in the List Editor), or put MIDI Monitor as an MIDI Insert on the track, and watch…
Do the values go from zero to 127?

Here, I don’t have a dedicated jogwheel myself, but use a rotary pot (which goes from zero to 127) on my Korg NanoControl (routed to “Shuttle speed” rather than “Jog”), and turning it to the right makes Cubase shuttle progressively faster, forward, and turning it to the left makes Cubase shuttle progressively faster, backward. If I set it to “Jog” rather than “Shuttle Speed”, that works too, but it is occasionally a little “jumpy” (maybe just a slightly dirty pot :wink: ).
So, if your jogwheel is transmitting a regular CC#, i don’t really see why it would behave any differently from my Korg here. :confused:

Hi, thanks for all the info, I got the jog wheel to work by routing it to shuttle speed, so thanks for that, I had a nano control and it was great except that I broke 2 of them in 2 weeks. The dogs tail whipped it from the desk and it landed on the usb input which came away instantly both times so this time I decided to buy something a bit sturdier, the only problem I have now is that when you jog in either direction it moves for 6 bars before it stops and if you touch the wheel while it is moving it goes the other way, I think I may take your advice and try the rotary pot solution, but anyhow thanks for the advice it has been invaluable.