Using a marking tool changes cursor to windows cursor on a mac

Hi Team,

I’ve noticed that when I use a symbol tool from the right hand pane like a < or the slur tool (pressing s with no note selected) my cursor changes from the mac black cursor to the windows white cursor. I assume it might be a pretty easy fix - to my eyes it’s a bit of an amateur look. Subtle but shonky. Also maybe nit-picky as it’s definitely not getting in my way in any way.

All the best,

Thanks for the feedback, fhrw. We don’t have any plans to address this at the moment, but perhaps we will eventually run out of other things to work on and this will rise to the top of the priority list!

Hey Dan,

No problems. It’s obviously not an urgent thing for anyone. I just wondered if anyone else had noticed! It took me about 2 years before I first saw it!