Using a midi controller to control plugin parameters

Hi guys,

I run Cubase 6, with my main MIDI controller being an MPD32. In Cubase I don’t use the MPD for much else then laying down drums, but I would really like to start using it for controlling individual paramenters within plugins (Delay mix assigned to one fader, delay feedback assigned to another)

What is the best way to set up communication between a plugin and my controller?

Can I send a parameter to quick controls and route easily to a fader on my controller from there?

Thanks for your help.

Unless your device supports any other remote control protocol(s) - gemeric remote.

Usually yes.

To map parameters to a generic remote, what is the process? I’m looking in the manual now, I haven’t attempted before.

has Cubase got one of these then ?

Sorry, I don´t understand…?

He’s commenting on your spelling

Ah, ok got it now, thanks. What I meant was gemeric renote… :mrgreen:

Your spelar needz fixin

Thnx, butt I donut sing so…