Using a Roland JV1010 in Cubase. Please help!

Hey everyone. Moderately experienced Cubase 5.1 user but new to MIDI. I have successfully hooked up my microkorg as a MIDI controller and have recorded it as a VST instrument using the Korg Legacy Collection VST. However, I have a Roland JV1010 I would like to use the presets from.

I have been told there are no VSTs for Roland’s JV series, but that you can hook up external MIDI devices in Cubase and use their presets as if they were a plug-in. Also, the JV1010’s manual and multiple forums have mentioned using the JV1010 in Cubase and editing its patches from there (like you would with the 1010’s default software, Sound Diver), and Cubase provides a script for all the names of the 1010 in the MIDI Device Manager.

My only issue is I don’t know how to get it working!! I have MIDI communication with my microkorg, but there is no keyboard controller when plugging in the 1010. I wouldn’t imagine I would set this up as a virtual instrument then, especially as the 1010 doesn’t show up as a VST. I tried using the MIDI Device Manager, installing the 1010, and setting the output to the MIDI port of my interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 40), but if I’m not using it as a VST, how would I set it up on a track? I couldn’t find any forum or video that explained this.

Since it is external and not a VST, I don’t know how to apply the 1010 to a MIDI track, or if I would even use a MIDI track or VST Instrument track. I definitely don’t want to record through the output of the JV1010 into a straight audio track though, because I want to be able to tweak my settings for a recording (that’s the entire point of MIDI, isn’t it?).

I’ve seen the term “Cubase JV Studio Module” come up, but I’m not sure what this means, and googled it and could not find any sort of download or anything.

Please help!! Thank you!


Check out external instruments in the Manual Pg 34
Your JV1010 will then perform as a VSTi - perhaps there is a preseet for it there already?

if you setup your connections and then go to the device manager and install jv1010 device panel and assign your midi , then if you open your instrument rack you can choose the jv1010 and all the prsets will load straight in to the inspector for you to browser and use

@BriHar: Which manual are you referring to? The operations manual? I consulted page 34 which is “Operations” for the Project Window. Didn’t seem right.

@G-string: I set up the JV1010 as an external instrument as you said to do, installed the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager, and then created an Instrument track. It now recognizes the JV1010 as an external plug-in, as both an instrument track and under Devices - VST Instruments. However, I cannot get any sound out of it in Cubase still, and when I open the “edit instruments” window, which should allow me to edit the JV1010 patches like in Sound Diver, all I get is a small window that has a delay and return gain slider control. How do I get to all the parameters I can tweak of each individual patch?

Also, I’ve been told when connecting via MIDI to a device to route the MIDI in and out to the recording interface (Saffire Pro 40). But if I am going to have a MIDI controller to have a MIDI signal AND also use the JV1010 as my external plug-in, how do I do this? I tried routing the MIDI out of my microkorg to MIDI in on the interface, and then the MIDI out of the interface to the MIDI in of the JV1010. It appears the microkorg will still record to software plug-ins this way, but I still can’t get any sound out of my external plug-in (JV1010). Am I setting this up right? If so, what do I do now?


how are you using the jv1010 as an instrument track or through the instrument rack ?

Edit , you have to setup the midi in the device manager to link the panel with your module

After setting up the JV1010 as an External Instrument in VST Connections, I went to Add track–>Instrument, and set my virtual instrument as the JV1010 (external plug-in). So then the JV1010 is my output for the instrument track. I can then select all the patches from the drop down on the instrument track, but it doesn’t play any of them. I’m pretty sure they are only showing up because Cubase has the script file for them, not because Cubase is getting them from the JV1010. And again, when I try to edit the sounds of the JV1010, I get a small window that doesn’t allow me to select patches. It only lets me change delay and return gain. When I click edit instrument, this should open to an edit window like any VST plug-in with a list of all the patches and tons of tweakable parameters.

Let me know if you need to know anything else. Still at a loss.

sounds to me as though your audio is not routed properly , has the 1010 defiantly got a device panel ? have you got the record or monitor on the track , because if your connections are correct then it should work . Could you post screen shots of your connections , device panel and inspector ?

Is the device panel the panel that pulls up when you click “edit instruments” in the instrument track?

What is the inspector. You mentioned that before. I have no idea what that is?

Here are some screens, showing

VST Connections External Instruments (What is the Return Bus for, by the way? and why is it set to SPDIF?)

MIDI Device Manager (JV1010 installed and output to PRO40 recording interface)

Screenshot of the Instrument track highlighted routed to JV1010 output

JV1010 edit instruments panel (I should have a whole screen with patches, parameters, etc.)

M1 edit instrument panel (Here is an example of the edit instrument panel for one of my Korg Legacy VSTs, this is similar to the options I should have for the JV1010)

Let me know if you need anything else

Also, I am positive there is nothing wrong with the MIDI capabilities of the interface, as I can use my MIDI controller to record raw MIDI data. There is also definitely nothing wrong with the JV1010, because I can open it and edit it via MIDI in Sound Diver on my PC.

Speaking of which, do you know how to LISTEN to the changes you’re making when editing a patch in Sound Diver. Slightly off topic I know, but if I couldn’t get the MIDI to work, I was considering making my patches the way I wanted and just recording the output of the JV1010. But I don’t know how to listen to the changes I’m making in Sound Diver as there doesn’t seem to be a “test audio” or “play sample” option, and I can’t hook up a MIDI controller because the JV1010 uses both MIDI IN and OUT to communicate when writing patches. Should I use MIDI thru or something with a MIDI controller (keyboard)?

MIDI out will only output MIDI data for that instrument, if you are chaining MIDI devices you need to use MIDI thru, If both instruments need to connect with in and out then you either need two midi in ports or some kind of midi merge box.

Try just using the 1010 on it’s own first.

How do I use the 1010 “on its own”? I need a MIDI signal in order for it to output anything.

What I’ve been doing is recording a MIDI signal into an instrument track with my MIDI controller, then closing out Cubase and re-initializing the MIDI with JV1010 and changing the output of the recorded MIDI track to be that of the JV1010. This does not produce any sort of output.

If I were to use the microkorg as a MIDI controller WHILE using the JV1010, how would I set that up? MIDI OUT of microkorg to MIDI IN of JV1010. MIDI THRU of JV1010 to MIDI OUT of interface, MIDI OUT of JV1010 to MIDI IN of interface. Does that sound right?

What I meant was to use the 1010 on it’s own with Cubase first!!! before trying to get it to work with the controller keyboard as well.

Instrument tracks cannot output midi to the outside world, you need to use a midi track for that.

Since you say you are new to MIDI, I’ll go ahead and point out the obvious …

MIDI is just information, not sound. You need to connect the L/R audio outputs of the JV-1010 to your Pro 40. Then, select that stereo pair as your return bus.

I’ve never used external instruments, so this is just an educated guess from reading the manual (hint,hint :wink: ).

Then that would be a midi merge function. merging the incoming midi data with its own data and outputting it. Most thrus only send what it receives on the in! if that make sense :slight_smile:

Sorry, wrong manual (I was consulting the C7 manual) :blush:
In the Manual for 5.1 it should be Pg 22.

Na… I am referring to the midi from a particular device out.

So for example, sending midi from Cubase (midi out) to a device in then thru of that device to another device etc. will work as each device will see the data according to the transmitted channel number.

The problem occurs when you want Cubase midi in to see the output of two or more devices, for example two keyboards that you want to play. If you connect the midi out of the first keyboard to the midi in of the second and then use the true of the second to connect to an interfaces in, then you will only get the first keyboards midi out. The second keyboards midi is transmitted from the second keyboards midi out, not the thru!

This then requires either a midi merge box or the device to support midi merging or two physical midi ins on the interface.

WOW I suppose all this rambling about midi is also going to clear up the issue of Cubase always choosing spdif by default for the connections is it … don’t mind the OP just carry on rambling , you normally do .

Some midi routers can have midi merge, like the JL Cooper MSB plus, others like the Midisport are more of a midi 8 X 8 midi interface.

If the OP would like to post with their progress I’m sure we’ll chip in to help :slight_smile:

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I was out of town for a few days. I am now successfully using the JV1010 on MIDI and Virtual Instrument tracks. I can switch settings on the JV1010 through all the preset banks, and they all function and change accordingly.

  1. However, I still can’t edit any of the patches or presets in Cubase! When I hit edit instruments I still get a small panel which only has Delay and Return Gain. I am unable to tweak the 9 standard parameters and more from Cubase. My photos from one of my earlier posts still stand as far as connections and the JV1010 edit panel I get. I am now running:

microkorg THRU → JV1010 IN
microkorg OUT → Saffire Pro 40 IN
microkorg IN → Saffire Pro 40 OUT

The reason I want the full edit instrument panel is so I can fine tune the “release” for each part of the song. Here’s where some of my questions come in as I’m now figuring out how MIDI works:

  1. If I want to fine tune the release in a softsynth plug-in for different parts, all I have to do is copy the track and change the release on each track for different parts. They are independently controllable because the plug-in is tied to each track individually. I’m using the JV1010 as an external plug-in and have the edit panel available, will I be able to copy the track and run different releases on each track as I would a softsynth plug-in?

  2. I understand that MIDI is not audio but outputs audio through plug-ins. I assume that when you go to export the audio mixdown, it applies these plug-ins to all MIDI tracks? Otherwise, MIDI could never be outputted on a recording, and you would have to record via audio tracks only, correct?

  3. If I’m correct on 3, all you would need to output the JV1010’s settings is having it plugged in and active as an external plug-in during audio mixdown, correct? Do you have to realtime export?

I’m hoping what I’m trying to achieve is possible. I want to be able to finish this recording with tweakable releases in Cubase using my JV1010 for different parts of the song.

Even if I can’t do this, I’m still unable to use the “edit instrument” panel for the JV1010 in Cubase. I am stuck using Sound Diver to tweak anything.