Using a score for composing

Saw a example of playing in a classical piece into Cubase

Its not real composing, but perhaps i can make a classical setup in Cubase.
I am using Dorico elements and as score i do need : Mozart’s Lacrimosa

Is it possible to use this Mozart score in Dorico elements like as in the video
Is this score somewhere to find ?

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I didn’t watch the video so I’m not exactly sure what you need, but there are a bunch of public versions on the Musescore site. I’m not sure how the mods feel about linking to a competitor on this forum so I’m not posting the link, but if you go to Musescore’s site and search for “lacrimosa” there are 8 pages of results. Find one that does what you need, download it as an XML file, then import into Dorico.

Hi FredGunn,
Thanks for pointing me to as source for a score


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IMSLP is another great resource for public domain scores of all kinds

Thanks for the resource

Don’t forget CPDL, although quite a lot to be found there is rather terrible (ugly, faulty, in ancient file formats, amateurish, and did I mention ugly?), so tread carefully. The Lacrimosa is available in XML, but it only contains the choir AFAICT. Could be a start.
In general, IMSLP is more useful, but it seldomly (if ever?) provides XML files.

It just so happens that I have the Mozart Lacrimosa as a dorico file from a recent arranging gig. Do with it what you will :slight_smile:

Lacrimosa orig.dorico (569.7 KB)


Quality xml files are only commercial to get its my impression.

Yes, i can use the Mozart Lacrimosa score in Cubase for setting up a orchestral setup for composing with midi controller keyboard komplete kontrol s49

Only to do a orchestral setup there is a big task to do it .( got a video for this, because on paper its undoable )


It is said in the video that the file comes from @John_at_Steinberg: if it is possible for him to share it, it will be a great resource :slight_smile:
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What file do you pointing to: for setting up in Cubase ?
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Here’s the Dorico file that I think is the one I sent to Dom.
Mozart K626 Lacrimosa.dorico (3.9 MB)

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Thanks John!
This is now for people who want to do more with Cubase and a controller keyboard like me
Just got a video prepared from my coursematerial for setting up a orchestral setup In Cubase
I am using Dorico elements like in the video
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Add a Cubase template example Dropbox - Template Arn.cpr - Simplify your life

Its made with Halion 6, but can be used by other Vst instruments as example how to route the instruments to particular output channels

  • add some FX on Strings section or other instruments section ( as a groupchannel in Cubase)
  • add FX on all instrument sections
    Look for routing a the mixer F3
    Can be used together with Dorico pro elements/pro to play in parts in Cubase

The video example in Cubase from Mozart has probably only all instruments one after another in Cubase and no instruments groups FX for the orchestra
That’s the fastest way for a setup and record a sketch

Didn’t know Dom’s a classical guy, I took him for another pop person with a classical allergy.

He gets impressive output from Cubase. I’ve been working (and struggling) to have a workflow such that Dorico can do the heavy lifting from my score and create the base MIDI output, which then I can just tweak for better expressiveness.

Was Dom not working for Steinberg?
This is only a demonstration from Dom i think, of how using Cubase and Dorico ( both prog from steinberg).
He is planning to do more classical recordings.

Your score from Dorico imported in Cubase must be setup with instruments each time you make a new score.
Maybe once you understand the setup i made ( or already apply ?) it could be go fast for a random score?

The template i made as example is meant for composing from scratch
I do have also a composerprogram with straight forward routing and there you could you make a library of out of a song like Dom had made for Mozart.

So direct recording (like Dom did ) can be a transformed afterwards in a composingtool
I must try this out and this composer setup has nothing to do with Cubase.

Dom is a conservatory-trained classical pianist, among many other things! He’s one of those incredibly annoying multi-talented people who seems to be great at everything…

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Aah… that explains the ease where Dom is playing and recording the instruments tracks from the Mozart Score.
So for the average? Cubase users it could be a not that easy as Dom is saying. :thinking:
Right now i am training with my arranger Yamaha keyboard , so this might help in the future to play live
Don’t know what Dorico has to offer exactly for live recording at the moment, but it is not the way for how to compose in Dorico.