Using a UR44 and a UR44C

Hi. I love my UR44,use it with Cubase 11 and want to buy a second one so I don’t have to move the one I have around. The question is can I go with a newer UR44C or do I need to find another original UR44 in order to ensue that Cubase recognizes the interface as the same unit when I change places? I want to be able to close my project while in one space, move and connect the second UR44/UR44C and re-open Cubase as if i never moved. Will the two units identify as different even though the only difference is the type of USB connection? Can anyone shed some light on the best path forward?

Hi Robert,

I have both UR44 and UR44C. Now I am using only the latter. But the transition was pretty smooth. I don’t remember any problems loading old projects. Inputs and outputs were connected correctly. I didn’t try the other way around. Save project with UR44C and then open it with UR44. So I’m not sure about that.