Using A USB Mic As An Input For Recording

Hello, I have a decent MXL USB microphone I had used for Garage Band that I can’t seem to get to work with Cubase 8. In Garage Band, I could choose “USB Codec” as an input source and I could arm my audio track and monitor my input. With Cubase, the only input source I have is the audio interface I’m using. If I switch sources in the Device Settings, I loose all my inputs and outputs for my audio interface.

I have a MOTU 828 audio interface and I tried setting up the return assign to feed audio from the Mac’s internal audio, but the audio from the microphone doesn’t pass through to the interface. Has anyone ever used a USB microphone with Cubase 8? If so, how did you get it to work?

You’ll need to aggregate the USB device with your other sound cards/devices.

On Macs, you can do it in the OS (not sure how, I don’t have a Mac but this might help: ).

With a windows system you can try the free ASIO4ALL driver.

I’ve used ASIO4ALL before to get a Yeti Pro bottle mic working via USB along side my M-Audio Delta 1010 (PCI) and Tascam 1200 (USB) with CuBase versions 7 - 8.5 on Windows versions 7 - 10.

Note, I don’t try to aggregate outputs of devices that don’t have a way to ‘sync’ their clocks (unless it’s a situation where some timing drift doesn’t really matter); however, I use the ‘inputs’ from different audio devices quite frequently.

Thanks Brian. I took a look at the apple link and set it up . Never know that aggregate option was there. Works very well! Much appreciated!

Warm Regards