Using a Yamaha Clavinova for playback with MD-BT01

I would like to use the Clavinova for output not input. Project is using Cubasis LE to play the MIDI files created with Cubasis on the Clavinova.

Hi @Olo3,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately we are not equipped with Yamaha’s Clavinova ourselves. Normally, there should be no issues to use the Clavinova with Cubasis.

However, the Clavinova is not supported to unlock the freely downloadable Cubasis LE app version from demo mode! See all supported devices to unlock Cubasis LE from demo mode right here.


Hello Lars,
Thank you for your kind reply.

I viewed the supported devices page using the link you provided. Since the Yamaha midi bluetooth adaptor MDBT-01 is listed on that page, I purchased it, connected it to the Clavinova and was able to unlock Cubasis LE.

Also, I see that Yamaha lists Cubasis LE on the supported apps page for the MDBT-01
Since I cannot include the link, attached is a photo of that page on which I found on the product page for the MDBT-01 “accessories” tab.

Now, I am such a novice, I will have to educate myself on how to import a midi file into Cubasis LE and choose the bluetooth connection to play the midi file on the Clavinova. The Cubasis documentation looks quite comprehensive and I will begin that task now.

But I am happy to report that Cubasis LE and the Yamaha Clavinova seem to be communicating thru the Yamaha MDBT-01 midi bluetooth adaptor.

Thank you again for helping me resolve this issue.


Hi @Olo3,

Thank you for your updated message.

I’m glad to read that everything seems to work fine so far.

You may also check out our "Getting started with Cubasis2 tutorial, to get familiar with app and its basic workflow more quickly.

While the tutorial has been produced using the full Cubasis app version (which comes with more features), the basic steps are similar to Cubasis LE:

Hope the clip is of additional help for you!