Using accidentals in text?

I’m wondering how to use accidentals in text like the title “Concerto in F-sharp minor”.

And also in the instrument name in French “Clarinette en si b”.

I looked through the pdf manual and online version, but didn’t find the answer.

Many thanks !

You can find the flat and sharp glyphs on the SMuFL page. Copy and paste.

Some fonts don’t have correct kerning for the flat glyph (here’s looking at you, Minion Pro). So in that case, change the flat glyph to Academico.

In the layout name, you might have to use the new tokens. Try editing the layout name to use {@flat@}. For example, “Trumpet 1 in B{@flat@}."

Have you noticed a difference in this regard between the official and the unofficial versions of Minion Pro?

To be honest, I didn’t explore that with the official one. Once I saw how bad the line leading was, I abandoned it.

Seems OK, at least with the unofficial version.

accidental line leading.png

Try editing the layout name.

Thanks guys, great info !!