using activation key on 2 computers

Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Alon Cohen and I bought cubase elements 7 and used its activation key on my home computer and now I want to use it on my macbook pro 13"…
I know I can use the AC only on one computer and if you want to use it on few computers you have to buy the USB-licencer.
But I don’t want to buy one because if I’ll use I’ll have to change between the computers alot, and Im also afraid it’ll break and I won’t be able to rescue my license and also the mose convinient way for me is to be free of usb sticks pluged in…

so exept buying one more cubase elements 7 unit or buying the USB, is there any other way ?

thanks a head :slight_smile:

NO , none , zilch . we are all in the same boat and you should of researched this before the purchase

well, I knew that before the purchase…
I just thought to my self before I’ll buy a USB maybe there is another way and I just don’t know about it :slight_smile:

some consider the licenser a chain around the neck , I consider it as security :wink:

that you can wear around your neck. :mrgreen:

hahaha I like it :wink: , maybe gold plated :laughing:


but it’s a security with no other options but buying another unit :wink:

and yeah! they can use it as their slogan : “you call it a chain around the neck, we call it keeping it yours”

(just kidding of course hehehe)

well ive had this dongle im using since 2004 and it’s as good as new ,depends on if your going to respect it for what it is . Dongle ( if with a laptop use a usb extension cable ) with all of your £’s of licenses on it , you should have it insured and then you don’t have to worry

sorry a bit of a ramble but I use Elements 7 on the lap and c7 dongle stays at home and that works perfect for me

Same here, this is a viable option again since Steinberg made it possible to load C7 projects in C7E (as long as you don’t use C7-specific features). On one laptop I wired a socket directly to a USB port internally, so the dongle was inside and couldn’t get lost. It’s a pity laptop manufacturers don’t provide at least one internal USB port.

Now that sounds like a plan , what a brilliant idea .Looks like the laptops coming apart tomorrow to see if there is room .I know people have done this on the workstation but not on a laptop , was it easy enough to find the space for the dongle ?

It depends completely on the laptop – in my case, it was actually a netbook that I already had opened up for a variety of mods. Doing this might not be for everyone, but if you can solder neatly, and you don’t mind risking both the laptop and the dongle, it’s worth a shot. You can crack open the dongle if the plastic case is too big, but it’s safer to get a USB socket (either in a electronics store or hack something out of an old USB hub). I’d also recommend temporarily moving your licenses to a spare dongle!

OK but I have another question please. If I buy another dongle and copy the Cubase key onto it from the 1st one, can I not then run Cubase 7 on my iMac AND my PC as long as there is a dongle on both machines?

Why would I do this? Well I have a way to shoot audio via ethernet cable to tracks on either machine… And since Cubase works on both platforms…

I think that’s worth a stab ,i’ll have a look at the board tomorrow , you never know I might be lucky and find a spare header socket :wink:

You can not copy a key (license).

… only transfer it; and be careful, if you transfer a license from a “soft” eLicenser to a “hard” (USB) eLicenser, you can never transfer it back to the “soft” eLicenser (although you can easily transfer between USB eLicensers by plugging both into a PC connected to the internet).

Ok and thanks I didnt know. I don’t agree with that policy but I’m sure that doesn’t matter much either… :wink:

Thanks again… guess I could just keep Cubase on Windows 7 OS then and run LogicX on the iMac… Shame…