Using Akai MPC2000xl song.all files with Cubase 5

Hi everyone. I am attempting something new with my Cubase and I am encountering some obstacles. I have been given raw audio tracks for a CD along with the drumtracks recorded on an MPC2000xl. I have a MPC2000xl and I have successfully managed to set up my Alesis QS6 to play through the 2kxl to Cubase through my Gina midi interface and also have tested the Akai as a sampler through the same Gina Card. So far so good, these devices are all communicating in midi and I can monitor the midi channels the midi commands are sent to.
When I try to “play” the MPC song.all files on the 2kxl sending the midi output to a midi channel in a Cubase project I cannot hear anything.
Anyone with any experience with this willing to give me some guidance? Like I said, this is new for me so hints and research suggestions would be helpful.