using all 6 of firebox outputs in Cu.artist 6

I want to rout my drums to seperate outs on the presonus firebox. When I assign them I get stereo out, left and right only.
I go the device setup and see that outputs 3-4,5-6 are inactive while the main is active.
How do I activate the other outs. I cant seem to find it.
Im using a 2009 Macbook pro.

You need to explain exactly what you’re trying to do and why. There are 8 outs on the FB, 6 ins. Are you sure you aren’t confusing the two? If so, there’s another issue in that ins 1&2 have mic or instrument preamps depending on the connector you use, ins 3&4 are line in, and ins 5&6 are digital.

You add more ports in VST Connections, either way.

I only have 6 outs on my FB. Its an older one I think.
I want to have kick on 1. snare on another. toms on 1 hats on 1 and OH on 1
all going to a mixing console for live playing and recording.

Like I said, go to VST Connections and add 6 mono output buses assigned to the different outs. These will then be selectable on the various tracks.

Thank you. Thats what I was looking for.