Using an iPad with Cubase Pro 8...


So I have just got myself an iPad and bought icPro and I am just wondering what else I can use the iPad for in C Pro 8? For example, is it possible to control Modulation, Pitchbend and Expression with the iPad? It would be very powerful if it is!



Check out qbedit from Arts Unmuted. It’s a lemur template with amazing control over Cubase. You can add a page with faders to control any ccs you want. Otherwise, just get lemur for iPad and program your own controls.

I shall check it out! Thank you!

Lemur & iPad are your friend !

It looks good! What about V Control? That looks good as well!

I use qb v2.5 on one iPad for all Cubase controls during composition, love it. Then I switch to V-Control for my first stage of mixing so I can use the v-window function (so you can control any plugin with your iPad which works perfectly), then back to qb 2.5. Sometimes I have both open on two different ipads.

Who uses v-control on a windows system with Cubase 7.5 or 8 too? And does it work? V-window does not work with my cubase 7.5 (win8, 64bit), but with cubase 7 on the same system there is no problem!!! Any hint to solve this problem will help me!

*Edit: I should write, what doesnt work in V-window (Cubase 7.5): In V-window mode i can select desktop and explorer, but no plugin! Plugins doesnt appear in V-window… In Cubase 7 everything in V-windwo works correctly, i can select plugins.

I have just bought qb 2.5 and got it working faultlessly with Cubase Pro 8. MY GOD. It’s amazing. I have got to read the manual because it is seriously deep and rich with features. I may look into V Control but I am going to learn how to use qb 2.5 first and Metafader (I also bought this for Midi CCs and if it’s anything by the quality of qb 2.5 I know I am not going to regret it). Who would have thought an iPad could be this useful. I think a second iPad maybe on the cards!

You could try Air Display

It turns your iPad into a second display ( albeit small … ) which you can set up with Cubase as you like. I often put my Pool window there… Or open a Channel window and use the iPad to touch/ drag EQ settings. Could have the Automation panel there… The activate / deactivate buttons are now touch enabled!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m actually more than happy using Lemur Templates with the iPad now. At the touch of a button all Automation features appear on iPad, EQs, etc It’s amazing. It does everything a controller should with the only thing lacking for me are real physical faders for controlling CCs. I’m afraid nothing beats the real thing although I am persevering with the CC faders in Arts Unmuted Metafader for now. For extra screens I’m just going to buy more 28 inch 4k Displays though.

You can also look to touch screen with D-Touch for Cubase :