Using an iPad with Nuendo... a suggestion for you all


I just got a great little App called Air Display for my new iPad Air. It turns the iPad into a second display for your computer ( Mac in my case ) if they are both on the same WiFi Network.

Works very well, so I plonked the pad down on the meter bridge of my Mackie MCU controller and dragged Nuendo’s output meters and channel controls to it. Wow! It’s awesome… Whatever track I have selected, there’s my Channel controls… EQ curve, inserts etc… and they are all touch controllable! Works great.

With my little SB QC MIDI pad it’s almost a tiny Nuage! Lol. Not really, but it’s a cool way to have a couple of panels viewable and not eat up any main screen space.

Completely worth the $10 app…

Just a suggestion if you have an iPad … I’m not a developer or representative of the app either.

I’m doing same with an app called Splashtop.
It’s like having control unit from Nuage if combined with Yamaha DM2000 (almost)

Great tip! I will be giving it a try.