Using an old cpr on a new system - how to connect? Solved.

I am trying to revive some old cprs on a totally new system. They were routed to a 5.1 sound device which I no longer own. I am now working in stereo.
Loading a project I have gone to audio connections ad deleted the old 5.1 set up. put in a new stereo bus, but my tracks are silent and I cant see a way to establish a new connection for them. Its porbably obvious. Anyone know please?


I solved this myself. The Studio set up window has changed in Cubase 11. This threw me, but I found a way. You can’t seem to do this in a mixer. Head to the track. Hit the e key for channel settings. Head over to Direct Routing on the RHS (If you cant see this hit the gear icon on top right and show all) . Select “Stereo Out” or whatever you called your outputs in Audio connections