Using an old pre-GM drum machine with Groove Agent

I just pulled my old Yamaha RX11 drum machine out out of storage. I figured, hey it would make a cool midi controller for Groove Agent SE. I load up C7.5.10, add a Groove Agent instrument track. Load a drum kit, click on the pad with the mouse, sound. OK, so far so good. I then hit the pads on my drum machine, alas they do not map to GA SE correctly. I figure, ok, I’ll right click on the pad to change what note the pad receives. As far as I can tell there is no way to change what each pad receives. So now for the question, what approach would I take to make the drum machine play GA SE properly?

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Beer

EDIT…sorry I hadn’t thought this through…this only works for the first note but can’t work on further notes…will think on this one…must be a way.

You can do this using Transformer as a midi insert on the GA track.

In the top box add these lines

Type is - Equal - Note
Pitch (Value 1) - Equal - C2 (where this is the note your drum machine outputs)

In lower box

Value 1 - Set to fixed value - D2 (with this being the note in GA that you want to trigger)

OK…now I got it.

In the inspector underneath the instrument and preset selector where it says no drum map select drum map setup. Create a new map from the functions menu, double click and rename to RX11 or whatever you want.
Then you can see 2 columns for I-Note and O-Note (In and out) which are freely editable. So you need to work out what notes the RX11 outputs and edit the I-Note for each GA pad you want to trigger.

Awesome, thanks Grim. I was looking at the drum map feature, but wasn’t sure which part to edit. You gave me the tip I needed , “I-Note and O-Note (In and Out)”.