Using and external effect with CB9 and PreSonus 192

I’m having trouble getting this to work. I set up an external effect channel and routed my ins and outs but all I get is a loud feedback type signal. What am I doing wrong?

Quite obviously, you are creating a feedback loop.

Yes, but how can I fix that, quite obviously.

Without knowing what you’ve connected to and where, it’s rather hard to tell.

What are you to sending to the effects unit (from where in your signal path) and where are you bringing it back in?

I’m sending it out of line outputs 1 and 2, and then back in line inputs 3 and 4. An external effects group is set up in VST connections. I can hear the effect barely, but it is utterly drowned out by high pitched feed back.

Have you enabled Direct monitoring in Cubase ?

That box is grayed out in my DAW which according to the interwebz means it is not available with my hardware?

I use the 192 mobile…
I had to disable the Universal Control (UC) mixer that came with the 192 to use the VSTs included with CB and my own 3rd party VSTs. I’m not at my pc right now so I don’t remember the exact names but… somewhere in the UC Control mixer find the tab to “bypass” that mixer. Then just use your VSTs with CB. If necessary, you can use the CB Control Room as necessary to route things to where you want.

I also got “faked out” a bit because some of the effects included with the Universal Control mixer were activated by default. This also could be hampering your experience. So I just found it easier to bypass it and use controls available in CB.

Hope this is what you are looking for. BTW… I do use that UC Mixer when I use my 192 with my Studio One software.

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It means ASIO direct monitoring is not available with your interface. Direct monitoring might be available (check Interface manual)

Ok bypassing the mixer worked! Thanks! I’ll have to read up a little on the CB control room because I lost my headphones but I’m making progress.

It might be different on the bigboy 192 but, on my 192 Mobile I have to press a button named “Cue” to hear through the headphones. That button is on the front of my 192. Good luck :wink:

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