Using Arranger track as a playlist!?

I’m using the arranger track as a playlist, setting my songs as, loop once then pause. Is there any drawbacks doing this?
Up till now I’ve been using Cakewalk because of it’s playlist, but I find it inconvenient to work with each song as a project. In Cubase I can put all backingtracks and MIDI in one project and then make “playlist” with arrenger track.
I’ve found only one problem with this setup; between the songs, I leave a short space so the next song starts at next bar. The song plays, then stops at the end. If I change song by clicking the “down” arrow in the transport (jump to next chain) then all plays smooth. If I use the “space bar” on my computer to jump to the next “chain”/song then strange thing occur when playing. Playback tends to be jerky and MIDI freaks out.
Is there any setting I overlooked or is it not recommended to use the arranger track as a playlist? It’s not a very big deal since it works smoothly by clicking the transport bar, but it would be nice just to tap the space bar in a live-situation.

Cubase Elements 6|laptops