Using audio insert on midi track

Is it possible to use audio insert on midi notes? Have artist.

Is it possible for midi notes: eg drum (GAO). To send each notes on a dfferent track after t’s recorded?



depending on what exactly you mean with “each notes”- “dissolve part” or -“track”

In fact same replays, but…

No, but if you will use virtual instruments, you can use audio effects for these instruments. If you will use External Hardware connections, you can use all audio effects to these hardware synths too.

As thinkingcap said… But, if you mean to send it to the different audio track (different Output, in fact), so if you want to apply different effects to different pitch (like different EQ or Inserts for Kick, different one for Snare, etc., you can do this. Don’t use Instrumetn track. Use VST Instrument (Rack).