Using audio warp in remixing

I have a recording of an artist and an acoustic guitar that fluctuates around the 133 bpm mark. Re recording the audio is not possible as the artist in question died about 60 years ago. i’ve made cuts every 4 or eight bars depending on when the vocal breaks are and then I want to drag warp parts of the audio about to stretch the audio onto the relevant beats.
As its only vocals and guitar cubase cant detect the beats correctly. If i put in the correct tempo in the sample editor it seems to have made changes to the audio which are very noticeable. So Im not trying that anymore.
Because I have cut up the audio in the project window i thought when I went into the sample editor that I would be able to stretch the audio to fill the end of the fourth bar. However in the sample editor the audio file still seems to be continuous into subsequent bars (5 onwards) so there is no space to stretch into? Am I making sense? There is a clear gap before the end of the 4 bar in the project window but in the sample editor the cut that I made doesnt seem to exist and the gap isn’t there.
I should say that i don’t want to tempo map to a variable tempo, I would like to create a rock steady beat as I’m doing a remix
Could someone who is an expert in chopping up and audio warping for remixes please rescue me? :slight_smile:
Thanks very much in advance.

Spend a few minutes in the manual reading about the folllowing differentiation Cubase has regarding “Audio” .mostly about

Audio Parts

Audio Regions

Audio Events

Once you get the way Cubase handles audio then everything will make sense for you, and you’ll not need anyones help to remix ur booty off.

If anything doesnt make sense,then feel free to ask away! :smiley: and btw this is not a RTFM reply, far from it, its a necessary evil to get the understanding oif what cubase can , does, & does not …to audio, a very easy and also complex issue which only reading up on,will give you a grasp of things better!.

My real answer here is “Bounce” the audio, then Cubase “physically” seperates the edits you made on the track. :wink:

Thanks very much . I’ll read some more. I think I’m
Suffering from not having really edited audio since version 4 of Cubase. It seems
That a lot of changes seem to have left me behind. I’ll get back to some
Learning to get things straight in my head again. Thanks for the bounce suggestion.