Using auto split in an audio montage

I’m trying to split an audio montage into separate files in WL8 when I use auto split in an montage it only has the focused clip feature is there a way to “select all” and then split or is there a work around for this i want to split then at the markers I have put in the montage


You may not be using the best function for this process if you are trying to create a new file for each CD track marker you have made. Are you trying to split the montage into separate files and export from Wavelab? Or just split a file to do some more editing in Wavelab?

If you have your montage arranged and finalized, and want a new file for each CD track marker you placed, you probably want to use the “render” feature to create new files. You can tell Wavelab to render new files based on CD track markers, or just do one at a time, a selected range or the whole montage as one file.

To get to the render page, follow File–>Export–>Render or press the “A” shortcut.

It looks like this:
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.26.35 PM.png

Also, with the right settings, your rendered WAV, AIFF or mp3/lossy files can automatically contain metadata and other stuff pulled from CD-Text info and other places. This a feature that saves me a lot of time and I don’t think it’s possible when doing “auto split…”