Using BCF2000 In Mackie Baby HUI Mode

Hi folks,
Wonder if you can help with a little problem I have using my BCF2000 in Mackie Baby HUI mode. I’m using Cubase 8.5 Artist. Everything works as it should except I am getting a MIDI ‘pulse’ from the BCF2000 every second or so. It’s a minor irritation as I normally run my VSTi instruments with ‘All MIDI Inputs’ - they therefore ‘play’ this pulse. Any advice on how to stop this happening would be gratefully received!
Thanks in advance,

There’s probably some way to disable it from your hardware, but go to Device Setup/Studio Setup, then MIDI Port Setup, and untick the “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” box.


You have to disable the All MIDI Inputs in any case of using Remote Device. Otherwise the MIDI signal goes to the MIDI track (if All MIDI Inputs is select, what is the default settings).

And the regular MIDI signal is common for HUI. It says “I’m still alive”. :wink: Myself, I prefer Mackie Control protocol.