Using both Garritan and NotePerformer on the same file

Hi, I am using NotePerformer for my orchestra piece, but I would like to use Garritan for just the Flexatone. Is there a way I can map this? I can’t seem to figure it out… Thank you!

If it’s just a one-off, you can just add a new ARIA VST in Play mode, and load the Flexatone in it, and then assign the VST to the Player.

For automatic use in lots of projects, you’ll need to construct a Playback Template, using a saved Endpoint for the Garritan library, and then adding Noteperformer afterwards for everything else.

I loaded the flexatone, but how do I assign it to the player? I am posting a screenshot here!

Also I have one more question-- right now I can only type one note on Flexatone, but I would like to be able to type high / low notes. How do I do this?

Thanks so much for the help!!

Click on “Track Inspector”, where you can then select the ARIA VST for use by that Player. You’ll need to set an Expression Map, too. (Default should do.)

I’m not sure what you mean by high and low notes – do you mean you want extra pitches, or more than one note at a time, or …?

So I did this, but I don’t hear anything… What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help.

Also this is the other problem I mentioned-- I am only getting the note on the third line. I can’t move the note. How do I change this? I am attaching a screenshot for this as well. Thank you!

Even Finale treats Flextone as an unpitched percussion instrument even though the Garritan implementation supplies multiple pitches.

What one needs to do is hijack a melodic staff and then apply the Flextone sound set to it.

felxtoneTest.dorico (497.6 KB)

(sorry about the filename typo)

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