Using CAPO on selected flows only

I have a document with twelve flows in it. Flow five needs to have a capo at fret 5. When I do this in Setup mode it works like a dream, but unfortunately applies the capo to all the other flows too! Any ideas please. Thanks.

I think the simplest way would be to create a second player that has no capo attached and select per flow which player should be included.

You could probably achieve the same by letting the player hold 2 instruments one with and one without capo and use the first instrument for flow 5 only.

Thanks for your suggestions. This doesn’t seem to be a very satisfactory or simple way to accomplish such a basic thing.

FWIW I think [letting the player hold 2 instruments] is the entirely logical and elegant solution. It is analogous (eg) to a flautist changing to piccolo.

I agree it would be nice to have a simpler solution like setting capo on and capo off. But I personally think it’s a very fast workaround that’s easy to remember:

Add another guitar to the player, switch to Galley View, move the notes to the “right guitar”, switch back to page view, done.

Thanks for your help.

Hello and sorry for reviving this thread.

I’m trying to write two flows with different capo settings for a single player, eg first flow capo 3, second flow capo 1.
I tried the suggestion above but discovered really strange behaviour: I added a second guitar to the player and changed the capo settings accordingly with transpose +3/+1. But when viewing the score, flow 1 gets the correct transposition for both noataion, tablature and chord symbols. Flow 2 however only has transposed notation and tablature, but chord symbols are in transposition of flow 1 (+3).
Even more interesting: If I input a chord symbol into this layout, I have to input the correctly transposed (+1) symbol into the popover. When pressing enter, I get the wrong symbol (+3).
As an example: Score is in Eb major. With capo 1 that would be D. A notated Eb chord becomes D, but the attached symbol becomes C. When switching to the guitar layout, I have to type “D” into the popover, but it shows “C” in the layout, while correctly showing “Eb” in full score.

I will workaround with a second player for now, but I would rather have a single player to print on a single side - the flows are very short each.
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards!

The settings for chord symbols are per-player rather than per-instrument, so the chord symbols will be transposed according to the transposition defined for the player in Setup mode.

As such, you may need to use multiple players, each with a single guitar and the appropriate transposition specified in the Chord Symbols submenu in the Players panel in Setup mode, and then in your layout choose which player should appear for each flow.

That is what I’m doing now - just realized that I can print on a single page by adding both players to a layout. Still surprised by Doricos flexibility.