Using CAPO on selected flows only

I have a document with twelve flows in it. Flow five needs to have a capo at fret 5. When I do this in Setup mode it works like a dream, but unfortunately applies the capo to all the other flows too! Any ideas please. Thanks.

I think the simplest way would be to create a second player that has no capo attached and select per flow which player should be included.

You could probably achieve the same by letting the player hold 2 instruments one with and one without capo and use the first instrument for flow 5 only.

Thanks for your suggestions. This doesn’t seem to be a very satisfactory or simple way to accomplish such a basic thing.

FWIW I think [letting the player hold 2 instruments] is the entirely logical and elegant solution. It is analogous (eg) to a flautist changing to piccolo.

I agree it would be nice to have a simpler solution like setting capo on and capo off. But I personally think it’s a very fast workaround that’s easy to remember:

Add another guitar to the player, switch to Galley View, move the notes to the “right guitar”, switch back to page view, done.

Thanks for your help.