Using compression properly

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Very true BriHar,

it can be really frustrating trying to get the right sound with zero or limited resources :frowning: I’m not sure whether you have a budget or not adamd1008, but you can currently get a copy of ‘Steven Slate Drums EX’ from ‘audiodeluxe’ on eBay for only $80 USD. This will provide you with lots of awesome multi-sampled drums, 25 preset kits, grooves and a fully functioning VST drum mixer etc (could be something to consider at least if you have the means) - pretty amazing value IMO! :slight_smile:

PS: If your budget is zero you could always try the following which are stunning tools for free and will provide you with a nice roomy sounding kit to experiment on with your compression tools:

Free UVI workstation (sample player):

Free Acoustic Samples taster pack (includes a multi-sampled ‘Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig’ drum set)

Steven Slate Drums EX and especially Trigger are the “secret” weapon of many excellent professional engineers. I also use Trigger, though I’m not as good as them. :blush: