Using computer speakers?

Hello folks. I just bought myself an m-audio m-track 2x2 and turns out that they also include a product key for Cubase LE AI.
I plugged my electric guitar and when i hit the strings i can see the green bar moving out as i strum but when i record something and
try to listen it, i cannot hear anything. On the studio setup there is only m-audio m-track 2x2 as both for my input and output device. I cannot make any changes regarding to my output device. I just want to hear what i record from my computer speakers. Hope some of you can help me out about this.
Thanks in advance!

Computer speakers or laptop speakers?

Computer speakers. I have creative 2+1 speakers on my computer.

Edit : i actually managed to get sound from my speakers. I dont know how that happened. But today i launcher Cubase LE and it said there is no devices mapped so i mapped 2x2 and my speakers manually there (somehow i seen my realtek high def audio device) so it worked. Though sound record is not so “clear”. In high pitches i can see the distortion. Might something to do with my gain level. Will experiment further. Thanks anyway!

“ASIO4all” plenty of posts on the forums.

Hello svennilenni.

I installed ASIO4ALL yesterday too. Though havent worked. But today it worked. Check the previous post which i edited just now.

Thank you all.